Sunday, March 16, 2008

Father and Daughter


Talbot Family said...

So So cute! Love it all, the music, the pictures, the baby. I must say she has a dfferent nose than the buddies, hers is more turned up like Adessa's. I think that is why she looks so differnt than them. Does she get that from Sherri, or did she get that from John, because we Pearsons have Schnozes with a capital Schnoz. She is a beauty. Nice work! Hope you are getting some sleep and Sherri some rest.

Talbot Family said...

O.K. you really need to get with the program! Just because you have a new baby and probably get zero sleep is no excuse for slacking on your bloggage. I am sure a rant about yellow baby poop and formula burbs is a work in progress. Can't wait to hear them when they come.