Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Five Things I Learned at Wilco

1) My skin has no business being exposed to sunlight for any period of time. I am a Swede, replete with Norse pastiness. The next time I go to an outdoor concert I will be in something akin to Travolta's mobile plastic trailer from his "Boy in the Plastic Bubble" film.

2) I live an extremely sedentary lifestyle. I wake up JUST in time to splash some water on my pits and head to work, where I sample cookies...all day long, with an occasional break to eat. Yes, I take a break from eating to eat. I go home at 5:00, and after eating again we post up on the couch to catch our reality TV shows. I don't exercise. The only time you will catch me running is if I am chasing a ball, or being chased by someone. This concert was PACKED with people my age or older that were lean, fit, and wiry. My excuses are gone. I need to reinvent my lifestyle and rethink my hobbies.

3) Wilco is the best show I've ever seen live, and quite likely the best band today. This is a serious statement, since I consider my July 15, 2003 Phish show a near-religious experience. The musicianship was superb, the tightness of sound was unlike anything I've ever heard, and the band/audience interaction was highly entertaining. And if you've never caught a show at Red Butte you need to. It is an absolutely breathtaking atmosphere and they allow you to bring in your own coolers full of frosty beverages and food.

4) Nature offers tranquility. I didn't come from a camping family. For us, "roughing it" was staying at a Motel 6. My father never denied me the opportunity to experience the outdoors. He bought me a bow and took me hunting, taught me to fish, took us camping a few times. But these were not his passions and it was never a true part of my young life. Therefore, I don't do it as an adult. But being up there in the mountains with a newly waning full moon peaking over the mountain tops, pine trees on all sides, and clean air reminded me that there is life outside of my basement. I could actually SEE stars. I haven't seen a clearly starlit sky in a long time.

5) Friends bring love to life. I lost touch with my best friends from my younger days. It was entirely my fault and a terrible decision in retrospect. It takes a pretty weak person to alienate friends just to protect an ideal, assuming my shoulders should rub with shoulders that identically share my views on life. Religion. Right vs. Wrong. And I was weak. I was dishonest with myself and unfair to friends that gave me love and brought me invaluable joy in life. I had the absolute pleasure of sharing a blanket with four very good, amazing friends that I hadn't seen in over a decade and making friends with some new people I'd never met. Seeing and talking with Muffin, Kaycee, Paul, and Amy brought back a spark that has been missing in my spirit for a very long time. I've always been envious of Sherri and her close-knit group of friends that have been together since jr. high. I am determined to never again distance myself from my best of friends, regardless of our differing lifestyles. Life throws some pretty nasty ugliness our way, but the ugliness is so much more manageable when you can fight it together with your friends.

I can't wait for the next concert!

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Mandy said...

Whenever I hear "Wilco" I think of my office. Wilco is our nominee name for stock certs that come in from the transfer agents. HA! Just some "I didn't really want to know that" fact.