Monday, April 27, 2009

Lobot the Lame

There are certain products sold to the public that have one singular appropriate use. For example, fanny packs are for hiking. End of story, goodbye. There is no other appropriate circumstance for rocking a fanny pack. I don’t care if it is the most convenient place to store your crap; wearing a fanny pack anywhere but on a mountain trail is not only a bullet to the brain of fashion, but a crime against humanity worthy of Nuremberg tribunals. If you wear a fanny pack in public, you are a loser.

My detest for fanny packers has given way lately to the increasingly alarming populous of idiots and their Bluetooth headsets. Like the fanny pack, the Bluetooth accessory has one singularly appropriate purpose…keeping drivers from killing people. The End. Unless you are operating a vehicle, hands-free cell phone gadgets make you a lameass wannabe Lobot.

I am a child of the 80s. Like any other human male child of the 80s with the faintest trace of a beating American heart, I am a Star Wars fan. Other than all things Biblical, never has there been a more epic and gripping saga than that told by the first three…err, second three Star Wars films. The trilogy is a microcosm of life. It gracefully touches on themes of faith, love, hate, and hope. The relationships are enormous and the characters are the strongest ever written. Han Solo! Luke Skywalker! Ben Kenobi! Yoda! Chewy! LOBOT!

You know, Lobot…the mute half-cyborg assistant to Cloud City’s administrator Lando Calrissian and unsung hero of The Empire Strikes Back? He had that really cool bald head and walked like a broom was crammed 29” up his “dang-near-killed-‘um.” Raddest of all was the ginormous Bluetooth headset permanently drilled into his cranium that constantly and directly linked his brain to the entire city’s mainframe!

There’s a reason why we 80s kids have never heard the phrase, “hey, no fair! You always get to be Lobot!” when playing Star Wars in the basement with pool cues and cardboard tubes as light sabers. It’s because Lobot was lame and we didn’t even know who he was. Everyone wants to be Han Solo because he’s the ultimate badass, in any galaxy. No one wants to be Lobot. According to Star Wars lore, his name is “a corruption of ‘lobotomy’.” Who the hell wants to be THAT guy?

You Bluetooth abusers are all Lobots. Nobody wants to BE YOU. There is no reason to have your cell phone strapped to your face. Sure, you can eat barbecued possum more efficiently and you can bowl, drink beer, AND talk on the phone at the same time. And you’re still a retard. I have seen Lobots everywhere. I see them at grocery stores, restaurants, shopping malls, street corners. I’ve seen 14-year-old Lobots on skateboards. I saw a Lobot at Sam’s Club carrying a bulk pack of Ramen Noodles talking about his off-shore accounts. What kind of millionaire yuppie buys the cheapest food item known to man at the cheapest bulk store in the most impoverished area of the Salt Lake Valley?

There is even a 78-year-old Lobot in my Sunday church congregation. I mean seriously, if you get a phone call in the middle of the holy sacrament, are you going to answer it? Memo to all Church-Service-Lobots: I’m relatively confident that God doesn’t communicate via Bluetooth. The omnipotent and omniscient Alpha and Omega doesn’t need freaking cell towers to carry his digitized voice. When God wants to speak to you he’ll go Moses, lighting shrubbery on fire and aging you 40 years. No headset required.

Lobots of the world, do us all a favor and keep your Bluetooth in the car where it belongs. The glowing blue plastic thingy protruding from your ear does not make you cool. It does not make you important. It does not make you rich. It simply reveals your lameness to the masses.


Mandy said...

I've GOTTA know who that guy is!!

Maren said...

Okay. So, I've had your blog on my reader for quite some time. Lurker revealed. Anyway, the way you Pearsons think-- you all crack me up. And THIS post, especially -could not stop laughing. It finally drew me out. Still giggling thinking about the couple in our ward who keeps their Bluetooth sets on as they go to bear their testimonies in sacrament... I hate to call them reject Lobots, but you know what they say about spades...

Chas said...

I'll make sure to wear mine this Friday.

Mandy said...

Hey- I have a good one for you. This is Jasons cousin. Look at the FAMILY PHOTO on the front page of her blog. It cracks me up everytime I see it.

Anonymous said...

What about my old school headset with the cord the hangs from my ear? I still use one of those as a courtesy to others so they know I am on the phone. It's a nice thing I like to do.

Tyler said...

@Maren - Hey! Thanks for emerging from the shadows. I've never seen a Lobot at the pulpit. I think I'd have a coronary.

@Chas - You are many things, but you're not a Lobot. You give me crap about my leather nerd holster. Ok, fine, "pleather."

@Mandy - Easily the most disturbing family photo I've ever seen. Lobot's proginy has been unearthed. His seed lives in Nick.

@LeeAnn - At least you're going for retro style. But alas, all your efforts to be original just make you an early-model LOBOT. Kind of like leg-warmers. No matter what, that's one article of clothing that will never be cool again. Not even on Jane Fonda.