Friday, November 21, 2008

Despicable People vs. Deplorable Acts

I’ve been debating a question for the past several days, both internally within myself and outwardly with other people. In my quest for clarity I’ve had many opinions shared and I’ve seen many different angles that I otherwise would not have seen. Some support my own opinion, and many are in stark contrast. So, this post will be laid out thus: 1) the question, 2) some faux background, and 3) my own personal opinion.

The Question: Is it possible for a good person to do a despicable thing, or does the despicable act make that person despicable? No crime of passion. I’m talking about a carefully crafted, executed, and covered up despicable act.

There is a reason why murder is characterized as the “unpardonable sin.” There is no penance for murder. An important part of penance is restitution and it’s pretty hard to restore life to a dead carcass. When homicides go to trial, motive is intently studied. Was the killer caught up in a moment of passion? Was it self-defense? Were there any circumstances surrounding the event that would take self-control from the killer, like temporary insanity? Or did the perp carefully and meticulously plan the murder, execute it perfectly, then cover it up for several years before apprehension? If the latter, the offender is totally hosed. There is no coming back from that. No amount of weeping, wailing, or teeth gnashing is going to help the guy. Not even God almighty himself, the supreme master of love and compassion, is going to help the guy. I’m sure He still loves him as a son, but that son’s goose is cooked.

My example is nowhere near as grand as a murder. But the facts (as I perceive them) line up similarly. Someone(s) in my life has done a reprehensible thing. It was cold, it was callous, it was clearly planned and well executed, then covered up for four years. The act has caused many people pain, and is nearly impossible to completely repent of. The offender(s) are people I genuinely liked and considered to be good. So, back to the question; does the deplorable act, given its calculated nature, mean the people become deplorable, or are they still good people that have simply made a monumental mistake?

My take? They’re despicable to the core. A good tree cannot bear evil fruit, period, end of story, goodbye. Mistakes are unintended. Poor judgment doesn’t involve malice. Evil deeds create evil people.

Memo to despicable people everywhere. I believe in “Kristian Karma.” I believe there is a supreme being that blesses those that live good, righteous lives and I believe that those that do evil have blessings withheld. Mr. Despicable, I would not trade places with you for anything. Not for half a fortune. You may say that your conscience is clear and you sleep at night, but I know better than that. You feel the darkness in your heart. You see the walls closing in. You hear the echo of a deep, kind, sad voice filled with disappointment. I know your sleep is fitful and your dreams are haunted. You will look over your shoulder for the rest of your days, certain that you hear soft, heavy footsteps. You have failed epically. And I pity you.

Hopefully our creator is as compassionate as we think. You’ll need it. In a time and place other than this, you’ll be able to look some heartbroken people in their eye and explain. I know two big, brown eyes that will be very interested in that explanation. And you owe it to them.


Anonymous said...

Well crap. Blogger ate my well-reasoned (and relatively lengthy) response. Jerks. I'm afraid that I lack the fortitude to duplicate it so I'll summarize:

I'm right there with you, having experienced something simliar from a loved family member. I reserve only the caveat that people can learn and grow over time and it's important not to deny the power of repentance.

Tyler said...

Well said.

Sister said...

I am a big believe in Karma and she can be extremely wicked. Lets hope she gets her vengeance.

jasnjan said...

Tyler, this was a very interesting post. Very thought provoking. While I would like to agree with you all the way to hell,(j/k) it seems to me that the Savior forgave some pretty deplorable folk and pretty much on the spot. Look at the example of Paul/Saul. That guy was involved in some pretty deplorable behavior... How about Alma? He was pretty messed up too. If the person becomes truly repentant the Lord can take the 'dispicable' right out of them. He forgave the hookers and the thieves. He also forgave those who were in the process of murdering Him. He also admonished us to 'judge not that ye be not judged.' Thanks for provoking thought. Good luck with your situation.

Ryan and Mindy said...

It is sad to hear that someone has hurt you that deeply and situations like that can only be made that much worse when it is someone you trust. As simple as it may sound we cannot control the actions of others. Our responsiblity lies with what action we take. We are to forgive or we are no better than the one who sinned aganist us. Crap that bites, doesn't it?

Mandy said...

Very good comments. Sorry that it happened.