Thursday, December 4, 2008

Final Post, 2008

For all intents and purposes, this is my last post for the year. I’ve simultaneously been creating a book courtesy of Blurb that will be a collection of blog posts for the year. So instead of blogging based on a calendar year, I’ll create the Tylerean calendar system and make it start and end whenever I bloody well please. That way I’ll have my book before Christmas.

I think this was a successful virgin year for the blog. I’ve been able to vent, ramble, create, expound, hypothesize, rant, write, and rant. And write. It has been tremendous fun and I hope the wellspring of ideas and oddities doesn’t dry up soon. Thank you all for reading. In parting, I’d like to list some of my favorite comments from various readers over the past year:


“You will greatly increase his chance of successfully becoming a productive member of society by eliminating He-Man from the show list. By the way, you would make a great teacher.” -- Brian (Post: El Destructo)

“You’re totally gay.” -- Paul (Post: Dress Shirt Shopping)

“Wow brother...that is a truly disturbing story. It somehow makes me feel much better about myself though. Thanks.” -- Sister (Post: Rotisserie Chickens and the Lost Ark)

“I have to agree with you. WOULD it matter if we voted Obama? (not that I would in a million years, but Hey---). Look at Mattheson. No one thought he would ever get elected because he was Democrat... or Mayor Rocky.... You're right about LDS and republicans though. My father-in-law once said that (Jason's mom's mom) Grandma Putnam would vote AGAINST Jesus if he ran as a Democrat.” -- Mandy (Post: Little Blue Spruce)

“Wow! I thought I would stop by to take a quick read and was really surprised to find what deep thinker you are. Your wheels must be turning 24/7. Have you always had so much on your mind?” -- Lisa (Post: Decadence Perfected – Redux)

“Come now. My dad wasn't that bad. I think you imagination and time has done something to your memory. Besides, he loves me and wanted to make sure that he did all that he could to protect me. No, I'm not mad/upset that you used your experience with my father on your blog site. I actually think it's very funny - your personal comments on the situation. Just remember this for your daughter(s).” -- Cori (Post: For Fathers of Daughters – Dennis Park at the Plate)

“I think you are being very harsh towards your parents. They are wonderful people who actually still have all of their teeth! Remember, we brought you into this world ... we can take you back out!” -- Dad (Post: Dentist Rant)

“Tyler, I just wanted to tell you that I check out your blog frequently and I think you are a fabulous writer. I can't remember exactly why I looked at your blog the first time, but I was so entertained by your post at that time, that I keep reading. I hope that doesn't bother you. But, for my entertainment purposes, I hope you will continue to use your blog as your creative writing outlet. And just for the record, my favorite post was the one about your junior high school teacher hitting your desk with the his ruler, flipping your math book over, and so on and so forth. You had both Chris & I almost crying we were laughing so hard.” -- Sara (Post: The Blogosphere – Empowerment, Endangerment, Entertainment)

“ Clay Aiken the man, or the woman? I'm betting on woman, just look at the picture you posted!!” -- Sherri (Post: Random Thoughts on a Friday)

“Put me down for a dozen Firework scented candles when you get that going.” -- Paul (Post: The Cynic and the Optimist)

“Your blog is always an interesting read, in fact my mom has linked over from my blog to yours and has become a lurker of Tyler's oddities. My dad and I were just talking about Prof. Pausch today. I want to put a little rock climbing wall in the basement and I kind of thought maybe that was too extreme but my dad used the example of Pausch drawing on the walls and said "that's what houses are for." So, I am going to do it!” -- Amy J. (Post: Lift Where You Stand)

“Amen to everything you said there brother. I was teased plenty, maybe because I never even tried the football thing.” -- Jason (Post: Piano – The Ultimate Chick Magnet)

“Tyler, I just read everything you posted about my dad to my sister and my dad right here in the hospital room. I laughed and cried. This is amazing what you have done and I can't thank you enough for your thoughts and your friendship with my dad. Everything you said is true about him and our family. He is a wonderful and good man. Trust me, we have wondered why as well. We are very grateful for every little bit we get each day and continue to pray for his full recovery also. I've never met you but I can tell how much you respect and love my dad. Thank you so much for this blog to pay tribute to him and help us to laugh (and cry). He'll be back, it'll just take some time. Please keep praying for him! THANK YOU AGAIN!!!” -- Jeny (Post: My Friend Levi)

“If Janice Kapp Perry and Michael Mclean should surrender their rights to their music to make it more affordable for you to listen to, why did I just pay 75.00 a ticket to see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. As a friend of a musician who spends hours and hours writing music, I believe the little he makes from "high priced" CD sales he well deserves.. and if I want to hear more music from him I have to pay the price or take the chance that he wont produce more music. ggeeeeezzz mormons are cheap.” -- Anonymous (Post: Filthy Lucre)

“Technically, English is getting in your way, not physics. Physics doesn't enter the picture until you have an actual force you want to describe as irresistable or an actual object you want to describe as immovable. :)” -- Jacob (Post: Dead Duck Delivery, Godzilla Snow Havoc, Unstoppable vs. Immovable, and Iocaine Tea)



Mandy said...

YES! I made the favorite comment list! I can now die.

Sherri said...

I can't wait to read your blurb can you help me with mine? Please?....

Doug and Laura said...

It is too bad this is over for the year. I just discovered you! You are the right person for a blog, you have so much to say! I found you off of our dear Lisa Snyder. Have a good holiday.